As we move into summer, here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about our virtual ESY program!

  • Can I still enroll my child in the summer ESY program?
    We welcome the opportunity to have your child join us for our ESY program. Enrollment in our summer program will be based on space availability in our classrooms but we have a lot of flexibility in order to accommodate new enrollments.
  • What is the process to enroll in virtual ESY?
    Enrolling in our virtual ESY program is the same process as enrolling in our school. Click here to see our enrollment process.
  • How/when will on-campus tours be available?
    We are eager to welcome you and your child to Pathway’s campus during the summer to see what the school looks like and what education spaces your child will have. Although we will not have staff/students on campus, the admissions team will work with you to schedule a tour that will allow you to view our campus and buildings.
  • Will my student keep their district-issued Chromebook? If not, how can I get one from Pathway?
    If your child is used to using the technology provided by the school and they are willing to let you continue the use of that device, we are happy to support this. For families who do not have the technology, the Pathway School will make arrangements to provide the tools needed to participate in online learning.  We also offer print materials to families who request this format due to difficulties with technology; however, we encourage all of our students to use technology to join the google and/or zoom classrooms in which the staff are leading instruction and activities.
  • Why is Pathway going virtual?
    Like almost all other schools in Pennsylvania, safety for our students, their families, and our staff are of utmost importance to us.  With ever-changing information and safety steps that will need to be in place, The Pathway School feels that continuing an online delivery model will allow all to be safe and provide us the time needed to plan for safety measures necessary to return to school in the fall.
  • What is the difference between virtual and our regular summer program?
    The largest difference between a virtual and in-person summer program will be the club options available and the field trips/community integration (including job training) that is offered.  Our summer program will continue to allow students to select clubs they want to participate in, but due to materials needed and in-person supports, some clubs will not be able to be offered.  We have planned for some exciting club opportunities remotely and will also participate in virtual field trips that will take us to unique places we would not otherwise be able to explore. More information available below on these opportunities.
  • What will the schedule look like?
    Students will have 40 minutes of each of the following: math, reading/English Language Arts, social skills, and 2 club options with short breaks between.  There will be time built into the day for lunch and recess/break period.  Related services will be delivered as appropriate per the IEP and support opportunities with our clinical/behavior team will also continue to be available.  Fridays are set aside for catch-up (if a student needed to miss instruction during the week) and/or to receive additional individual support.
  • What types of clubs will virtual ESY have?
    Our virtual ESY program will have a Video & News Production Club, Fine Arts Club, Summer Cooking Club, Drama Club, and a Sports & Fitness Club.
  • How will my child participate in virtual ESY?
    Your student’s teacher will provide information on their Google classrooms, Zoom, and additional materials for virtual ESY.
  • Will there be integrated services available throughout virtual ESY?
    Clinical/behavioral services will continue to be available to students and their families as provided in our regular school year.  Related services will continue to be delivered by the appropriate professionals based on the student’s IEP.

Contact us today for more information on our virtual ESY program!  or 610-277-0660 ext. 289