In an exciting adventure beyond the classroom, Upper School student Emryk has become The Pathway School’s first ambassador for the PECO Energy Force Program. This program partners with local nonprofits to train young adults with developmental disabilities to serve as representatives for PECO’s Energy Efficiency initiative. Emryk serves as a spokesperson for PECO, sharing insights on their offerings, providing tips about saving electricity, and more. He has already attended seven events across the region, from Center City to King of Prussia and Penn’s Landing.

Emryk’s journey began with a week-long training event, where he immersed himself in learning about PECO through shadowing the program’s coordinators. Throughout this week, he gained knowledge about the expectations of the program, electrical information, and PECO’s operations. Emryk is required to attend a minimum of 12 events and is given a financial stipend for his contributions at work.

“My favorite event this year was at Penn’s Landing,” Emryk shared. “I like talking to people, and I recommend this program to other Pathway students in the future.”

Emryk’s experience as a PECO Energy Ambassador offers more than just work experience. As part of Pathway’s Career Education Services, this initiative provides him with an invaluable off-campus opportunity to hone his leadership and speaking skills. The program not only equips Emryk with practical knowledge but also instills in him a sense of purpose as he actively contributes to the community. As Emryk continues to shine brightly in this role, his story serves as an inspiration for others to follow their passions, make a difference, and illuminate the path to a brighter, more inclusive future.