Extended School Year

Continuing education during the summer

The Pathway School’s Extended School Year (ESY) is a 5-week summer program designed to actively engage students in academics, social and life skills, communication, and hands-on learning. The primary goal of ESY is to maintain the progress that the student has made during the regular school year throughout the summer months.

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Why ESY?

Extended School Year (ESY) is a service recommended for students who would substantially regress in all areas of developmental skills during a typical school year’s summer break. ESY allows a student to maintain the academic, social/behavioral, communication, or other skills that they have learned as part of their IEP.

The ESY Program supports each student’s IEP goals, while providing students unique opportunities to increase their interests in educational topics and further develop recreation and leisure skills. Student services, such as Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy continue to throughout the 5-week ESY program.

ESY Eligibility

To be eligible for ESY, the student must present with evidence of substantial regression and recoupment issues, as evidenced through data collection during extended school year breaks. Services provided are on a maintenance level; new skills are not taught.

Children can potentially “regress” that is, lose progress, forget, revert to previous behavior, to some extent between school years. The IEP team determines, through data collection, whether a child’s regression would likely be substantial, and whether the students would require a greater than usual time to “recoup”, or, get back to the level the child had achieved before a break in service. Additionally, Chapter 14.132 of Pa. Code 22 outlines the mandate for Extended School Year programming for children with special education needs and can determine eligibility with or without regression data.

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