The Pathway School’s robotics team, PATH To Domination, are champions once again! For the second year straight, they’ve clinched victory at the First Robotics Mid-Atlantic Hatboro-Horsham event, kicking off their season with a bang! Made up of students from our Lower School, Upper School, and Emotional Support programs, this team is at the heart of our STEM-based curriculum at Pathway.

Every week, these young “engineers” dive into robotics, working together to build and modify their robot. Competitions are about more than just winning – they are about collaboration and learning to work together as a team. The team is not just scoring points; they’re making friends, learning from others, and growing as individuals.

Beyond the thrill of competition, PATH To Domination strategizes with fellow students and builds alliances with teams from other schools, showing that true success comes from shared knowledge and community support. Innovation knows no bounds for PATH To Domination.

Looking ahead, the team is gearing up for their next challenge at Bensalem Township High School from March 22 – 24. Get ready to witness the excitement as they step onto the competition stage once more!

PATH To Domination is more than a robotics team; they are a symbol of hard work, dedication, and the endless possibilities in STEM for special education students. Join us as we cheer them on in their journey to robotics greatness!