Integrated Services

Support services integrated in our educational programs

In addition to academic programs for special needs students, The Pathway School offers on-campus speech/language support, occupational therapy, reading support, and clinical services tailored to the individual needs of each student.

Clinical and Behavioral Services

The Pathway School employs certified school psychologists, clinical social workers, and behavior analysts, among our other clinical and behavioral staff. The clinical and behavioral teams work within a multidisciplinary environment, collaborating closely with teachers, related service providers, and administrators.

Some students with emotional and/or psychological barriers to learning receive individualized clinical services as directed by their IEP in order to help them be successful in their learning environment. Such services include group counseling services, individual counseling services, and parent consultation.

When a student and/or their family may benefit from additional services, they may be referred to community programs that can meet their needs. The Pathway School offers Resource Coordination to assist families with accessing these supports.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy related services are provided to qualifying students via individual, small group and/or consultative sessions at the frequency deemed appropriate for successful participation by a student in their educational program.  Areas addressed within the school environment include motor proficiency (strength, endurance, postural control, bilateral coordination, motor planning, manual dexterity, fine motor precision and coordination, visual motor integration, i.e. handwriting), visual perception, sensory processing, body awareness, self-regulation, play/leisure, vocational skills, and self-care. In addition, occupational therapists utilize research-based interventions; collaborate with a student’s team, provides staff and parent training; and recommend the adaptation of tasks and/or the environment for student success.

Reading Support

The Pathway School utilizes the diagnostic/perspective model to determine an appropriate approach to meet individual student’s needs. Each student is then assessed on an annual basis to establish an instructional reading level and to measure progress from one year to the next.

Collaboration among reading specialists and classroom teachers provides students with consistency and the opportunity to utilize previously taught skills.  Pathway supports research-based programming, including Wilson, Edmark and PCI Reading Programs to name a few, in our classrooms as well as during reading support sessions.

Speech and Language Support

For students who qualify for speech and language services; individual, small group, and/or consultative services will be provided at a frequency deemed appropriate for the student’s needs by the speech-language pathologist. Areas of need addressed and/or supported by the speech-language pathologists, for those who qualify for services, include but are not limited to articulation, fluency, receptive & expressive language, pragmatics, and social skills.


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