The Pathway School’s new Autistic Support Classroom program is supported by a grant from Eagles Autism Foundation. Pathway is ecstatic to become a community grant partner. Pathway’s Autistic Support Classroom is designed for students who have language and learning delays and require intensive academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and therapeutic support.

The grant funds, in the amount of $17,000, will be allocated towards purchasing essential items for the Autistic Support Classroom program, including specially designed furniture to create a safe and supportive learning space, curriculum products tailored to the students’ needs, and technology products to enrich the overall educational experience.

The new program was created in response to the rising demand for such classrooms and an increased rate of referrals for students in the region who face lengthy waiting lists at other schools. The Pathway School responded to this need by assembling a dedicated team of professionals, including an Autistic Support Teacher, two Registered Behavior Technicians, and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. Together, they support students through curriculum learning, language development, classroom readiness, social-emotional skills, independence, life skills, and appropriate classroom behaviors.

The Pathway School is not only committed to meeting the individual needs of its students but also to creating a broader impact within the community. By introducing this innovative program and with the support of Eagles Autism Foundation, Pathway aspires to create a meaningful impact that resonates throughout the community and brings about lasting change in the lives of autistic students.