We are proud to announce that The Pathway School has been named a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation! This recognition is the result of our ongoing efforts to make Pathway an eco-friendly place.

The Pathway School received this distinction which recognizes organizations that have conscientious planning, sustainable landscaping, and gardening. Our campus provides a welcoming environment for migrating birds and other wildlife, offering them food, water, shelter, and places to raise their young.

This initiative was led by Pathway’s Psychologist Dr. Cianciulli and Upper School science teacher Mr. Stratz. They and other Pathway staff have dedicated themselves to making the school premises greener, more sustainable, and supportive of local wildlife.

Bird watching has become a popular endeavor among staff, who have frequently spotted Killdeer birds. Recognizing the abundance of wildlife on campus, our staff saw an opportunity to create a more sustainable and wildlife-friendly environment.

This year, there have been exciting changes to our campus, including bird feeders throughout the grounds, multiple habitats for naturally made bird nests, and the renovation of our greenhouse. All these projects contributed to our Certified Wildlife Habitat status.

Dr. Cianciulli has even integrated bird care into his counseling sessions with students: “I’ve learned that incorporating bird education and taking care of their feeders and habitats on campus created excitement with our students,” Dr. Cianciulli said.

The Pathway community looks forward to incorporating ecological education into our curriculum and maintaining the sustainable features of our campus for years to come. We are excited about the future and the positive impact these efforts will have on our students and environment!