Dear Pathway Families:

Here is a quick update for you from The Pathway School.

Our ESY Summer Program begins this Monday, July 6th. I am sure the faculty has been in contact with you regarding your student’s schedule, etc. We have taken the lessons we learned during this past spring and our plan is to make the ESY Program fun, enjoyable, and educational for our students. We are disappointed that we could not offer in-person, on-campus learning this summer. Please let us know how we can be of help to you and your student. The tech support email and the clinical helpline will be in operation during our ESY Program.

The school’s leadership team and I have been busy developing our school reopening plan for the fall. As of today, it is our goal to reopen the campus for in-person learning. There are still many, many variables to overcome including bussing, monitoring health conditions, enforcing social distancing, and mask-wearing, to name a few. But we should have a comprehensive plan available for your review and feedback before the end of July.

Like many schools and universities in the area, we are planning for three possibilities this fall: a full reopening of the campus; a hybrid model of on-campus and virtual learning; or a return to virtual learning. It is our preference to operate the school on a full reopening basis, but as a realist, I am aware this decision may not be fully up to us. While we establish plans for each scenario, we continue to monitor the PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education) and CDC websites for guidance and updates, and we continue to monitor public health websites for the status of COVID-19 rates of infection, as well as updates on the latest scientific information regarding infection transmission and prevention.

Earlier this week, we emailed a questionnaire to staff and to families for input. We truly value your input and will incorporate as much of your feedback as is feasible in our final plan. Please take some time and complete this questionnaire. Thank you!

I will be providing you with weekly updates over the summer to keep you informed of our reopening plans. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or via telephone 610-277-0660 x 214.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance this past spring. Our transition to virtual education was largely a success!

Enjoy the warm summer weather,

David Schultheis

President & CEO


To view the CDC’s frequently asked questions about Coronavirus COVID-19, click here.

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