Dear Pathway Families:

It is difficult to believe that two months ago we were still on campus. Somehow that seems like only yesterday, and like two years ago all at the same time….

I know this has been a hardship for you. I know that most of you are not trained to be teachers. I know that some of the technology is foreign to you and you have received many emails, some confusing. Yet, you have made it work, and you should be proud of yourselves! You have had to transition from being a parent and employee or business owner to all those AND now also a homeschooling teacher/counselor/behavior analyst and about fifty other things. From our vantage point, you have done so wonderfully!! It may not always seem to be the case, but this transition from Pathway as an in-person school to Pathway as an in-your-home, school has mostly worked. Perhaps not everything has always gone as planned, but your student is learning and growing. Your willingness to try, to do your best, to make the most of the circumstances for the benefit of your student has been inspiring. Thank you.

It looks like we will only be able to offer an online Extended School Year (ESY) program this summer. We are not happy to have to remain online; we really miss seeing your children. I miss seeing your children! That said, we will make the best of the situation and I know you will too.

Once we put the finishing touches on our virtual graduation – we are thrilled to be recognizing 16 graduating seniors this year! – as well as finalizing our plans for the ESY program, we will begin planning for a return to school in the fall. There are many contingencies to plan for, and this exercise will require much time and significant participation. I may call on a few of you to ask for your perspective on how we might best reopen our campus in September. It is my hope to have a decision about the beginning of school this fall in July. I will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you for your partnership with Pathway. Thank you for your commitment to your students’ education. And last but not least, thank you for your patience.

David Schultheis

President & CEO


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