At The Pathway School, innovation and creativity take center stage in our Theatre Arts Program. Spearheaded by Theatre Arts Coordinator, Mr. Pryor, our students have embarked on an exciting adventure creating their own adaptations of plays, adding a fresh twist to the world of theatre.

Mr. Pryor creates a space for students to share their own experiences through performing arts to push beyond the boundaries of only performing classic plays: “I want to break out of the box of Disney classics,” Pryor said. “My hope is to challenge our students by allowing them to create their own scripts inspired by their own experiences in life.”

In this one-of-a-kind program, students first dive into reading scripts of classic productions to develop an understanding of the play. The next step is where the magic happens: the writing workshops. Mr. Pryor asks students to interpret the play and weave their own experiences and imagination into their writing. He then compiles all scripts written by the students and works with Miss Alberici, Pathway’s music teacher, to finalize the scripts for their productions.

This new approach kickstarted last summer with The Pathway Players’ production of “The Alice Express,” based on the classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” The students performed their version of the play at The Center Theatre in Norristown, and their scripts were used for professional shows at The Hedgerow Theatre in Media. The success continued this summer with their own adaptation and performance of “The Little Prince” once again at The Center Theatre.

Not only did The Pathway Players receive professional exposure for their original scripts, but they also enhanced their reading, writing, and speaking skills through creating their own adaptations. These imaginative adaptations serve as an exceptional opportunity for students to continue practicing skills that are instilled in them in the classroom setting.

The Pathway School’s Theatre Arts Program stands as a shining example of expression and innovation. Pathway’s theatre arts program is about much more than just performances – it provides transformative experiences creating paths for our students that enhance life skills, confidence, and creativity.