Dear Pathway Families:

Technology is wonderful and sometimes confusing. It sounded like today was a mixed bag, but more positive than not. Many thanks to everyone for giving it their best effort!

We have heard there is some confusion as to what to do and where to go. My best advice is to have your student log in to their Google Classrooms, and the class and assignment schedule will be posted. Students have multiple Google Classrooms depending on the number of classes (teachers) they have in a given school day. If you are monitoring your student’s Google Classroom, please note there will be more than one “class” on their page that you will need to log in to. Teachers will be posting their class schedules each day. When your student logs in they will be directed to a live session, recorded informational session, or an assignment for that class. Please be patient as we are still working on this transition.

One misconception is that there will be live sessions occurring all day, every day. There won’t be. Generally, your student may have a couple of live sessions each week, combined with links to videoed instruction or posted assignments. The live sessions will increase each week as the teachers, staff, and students settle into their new online learning platforms. We are purposefully inserting breaks throughout the day to make this more manageable for everyone.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out. We will help you navigate this new world.

Today will be my last daily update for a couple of days. We are moving into implementation and there will be less “news” to provide.  I expect to write these emails about twice per week for the next several weeks. If something noteworthy occurs, I will communicate it to you all.

I am sure today was a hectic day.  This will get easier and we will fall into a new rhythm.

David Schultheis
President & CEO


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