Dear Pathway Families:

It’s hard to believe that it has been a full month since we last held classes on our campus.  I’m sure you will agree that this has been one of the most interesting months ever!

Online classes are up and running.  If you or your student are experiencing difficulties, please let us know!  You can email or  We are here to help.

If you or your student are struggling with emotional challenges or behavioral health concerns that we can assist with, please call our helpline, which is 610-277-0660 ext. 444.  We want to help make this experience as peaceful and manageable as possible for everyone!

I have received several questions regarding grades and academic credits.  For the fourth marking period, we will operate under a modified Pass/Fail system.  Our goal is to NOT penalize any student who may struggle completing assignments because of technology or anything else this marking period.  Additionally, we will provide full academic credit to any student who makes the effort to attend online classes and attempts to complete their school work.  Again, we here to assist you and your student, not enforce unrealistic expectations.

The second big question I have gotten is the status of ESY – our Extended School Year program.  We are planning on having our ESY program, but it is too early to determine whether we can hold it on campus or will continue with online programming.  We anticipate that by early May, Governor Wolf will spell out how and when the social distancing restrictions will be relaxed.  We will make our decisions then.  Please know we are considering three distinct possibilities for our ESY program:  1. In person and on campus; 2. Virtual, via the internet; and 3. Some hybrid version where your student comes to Pathway a few days each week and participates in online classes and activities the other days.  I’ll keep you all informed as we learn more.

The biggest item I want to mention this evening is for everyone to take time for themselves.  We are not trying to keep your student tied to their computer for six consecutive hours every day.  We understand they (and more importantly, YOU) need breaks.  We are living in an unsettling time, and we cannot reasonably expect to replicate our school day on a computer, in your home.  And we do not expect that you have unlimited time to “home school” each of your children.  We all need to make the best of a very challenging situation.  Take time for yourselves and your children.  Find time to laugh and just be together.  If that cuts into one of our lessons, that is fine.  Fridays are makeup days, and any lesson that was missed can be reviewed.  I know I have already said this a few times, but it’s important – we are here to help you and your student.

Finally, we are attaching a PDF document that describes incentives that can be used at home with your children. It is intended as a resource for you.  The ideas and suggestions in this document have been used by the teachers and staff members at Pathway.  Please refer to this document and implement any of the incentives you feel would be beneficial to your student.  If you have an incentive that is not listed and that you would like to share with us, please do!

I wish you all a peaceful evening.  Let me know if you have questions or concerns.  I can be reached at or by telephone at 610-277-0660 x 214.


David Schultheis

President & CEO


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