Enrollment Process

Here is where your journey with Pathway begins…

The Pathway School has a rolling admissions policy which means that students can join Pathway at any time of the year. If a student and the school are deemed ‘the right match’ then the enrollment process begins. We encourage families to visit/tour Pathway at any time during this process.

In most cases, students placed at The Pathway School are the result of the student’s current school (public school district and/or charter school) initiating the process through an agreement with the family at an IEP meeting. This starts the timeline process outlined below:


IEP team discussion

Conversations occur which leads to agreement to refer to out-of-district placement.


Referral sent by school professional

School professionals send education records to out-of-district placements for review. Admissions team reviews documents and has conversations with parents/school staff to obtain additional information.

Intake meeting is scheduled

 If Pathway determines that there could be an appropriate placement and there is room in the appropriate classroom, an intake meeting is scheduled with student/family.

Placement recommendation communicated

The Admissions team communicates the placement recommendation to family and school professionals and works toward student start details.

The referring school is responsible for arranging the transportation to and from The Pathway School, paying the tuition (if applicable), and any additional related fees associated with placement at The Pathway School, as agreed upon during the admissions process.

Should a family desire to enroll their child at The Pathway School without the involvement of the public/charter school and are agreeing to pay tuition privately, the process outlined above is similar, with the exception of families initiating the process and sending education records for review.


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